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Why you need multiple Nike+/SNKRS Accounts

Nike usually releases limited sneakers on the SNKRS app using one of two systems: LEO and DAN.


What is LEO?

  • Unlike a first-come first-serve release (a.k.a. FLOW), these drops are in-line/queued launches. When the shoe you want becomes available for purchase, you press the “purchase” button, and after you enter your information, the button converts to “pending.”  You may also be directed to a page stating that you are in line and to check back  in a few minutes.

  • Within a few minutes, Nike selects winners from everyone who pressed the “purchase” button.

  • If you win, you will be transferred to a page saying your order was successful. If you lose, you will be told that the size you selected is sold out.

  • The chance of winning with only one account is low, especially on more popular releases. To maximize your chance of winning, you should use as many verified Nike+/SNKRS accounts as possible, and use them with a bot that uses the accounts to make purchases for you. You can use our manual method for this as well, but you will only have about two minutes to enter your accounts into these types of releases.


What is DAN?

  • Nike reserves these types of drops for their most limited releases. 

  • When the shoe releases, you will be prompted to enter into a draw in which the winners will be chosen after a certain period of time (usually 10 minutes). 

  • For these releases, if you do not have access to a bot, you can manually login to each Nike+/SNKRS account you have and enter the draw. The faster you can login, the more accounts you can enter into the draw, and the better your chance of winning becomes.

  • If you do not have access to a bot, you can read the How-To Guide or click here to learn about the best way to use our accounts manually.

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