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  • What is a verified Nike+/SNKRS account?
    In order to make purchases on SNKRS, you need to create a Nike+ account and verify it with a text message containing a unique code sent from Nike to a phone number. A phone number can only be linked to one account, so if the phone number is re-used on another account, the original account will become unverified. Check out the Release Types page for why you should use multiple Nike+/SNKRS accounts.
  • Do I have an option to choose between accounts verified with a U.S. or U.K. phone number? Will the accounts work in my country?
    Accounts are verified based on the availability of phone numbers, so you cannot choose. It does not matter which region is used. We have plenty of international customers who use our accounts with no issues. Our accounts work in any Nike supported region (excluding regions requiring a unique login, such as Hong Kong).
  • What is the difference between accounts verified with Chinese phone numbers and U.S. or U.K. phone numbers in terms of success rate on Nike/SNKRS? How can I check which phone number is used to verify an account?
    While Chinese phone numbers used to work, SNKRS bots and manual users alike have recently seen that Nike has been filtering out accounts associated with Chinese phone number entering U.S. and EU SNKRS raffles, giving them no chance at winnning. Chinese phone numbers are relatively cheap, so that is why Chinese Nike+ accounts were once a more popular option compared to more expensive U.S. and U.K. accounts; however, now that Nike has caught onto this, you should avoid these lower priced accounts. You can check the phone number used to verify an account by logging into that account on the Nike website and going into the account settings. Here, you will find a mobile number listed. Ignore the country flag as that may only correspond to the region you are logged into the account with. U.S. phone numbers will begin with +1, U.K. phone numbers will begin with +44, and Chinese phone numbers will begin with +86.
  • What is the difference between the regular and Instant Delivery Nike Accounts?
    There is no difference at all in terms of the accounts themselves. The only difference is that for the regular accounts, you will need to wait for us to fulfill your order, while Instant Delivery accounts are immediately available for download right after you pay. By using this option, you are able to get your accounts at a moments notice; this is beneficial if you need accounts, for example, a few hours or even minutes before a release, or before a possible shock drop. You are simply paying a little extra for the convenience of not having to wait for us to create and email you your accounts.
  • How soon will I get my order? What will I receive after I order accounts?
    Orders are delivered by email on the same day of your purchase, almost always within a few hours; however, please allow up to one day to receive your order. Anytime near a popular release, we will have a banner at the top of our website indicating whether you will receive your accounts in time. If you ordered catch-all accounts, please refer to the description here for delivery times. If you need accounts immediately, we recommend using the Instant Delivery option. Once your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email containing a list of emails and passwords, along with instructions, that will allow you to access phone verified Nike+ accounts on the Nike website. *Please check your spam folder in case the email containing your accounts gets delivered there instead of your inbox.*
  • Do the accounts have a warranty?
    We will provide free lifetime replacements for accounts that get banned/password-reset once. If your replacements get banned, we will provide an option to purchase an equal number of accounts for 50% off list price (our at-cost price). There is no limit on how often you can purchase replacements for banned accounts. Purchased replacements come with the same warranty as regularly priced accounts. This is a service that is unique to us as you will not find other account providers who will replace banned accounts. This does not apply to the catch-all accounts we sell here as you should be able to recover them yourself if they get banned. We will provide free lifetime replacements for accounts that get unverified due to number re-use. The reason we offer this type of warranty is that, unlike other account sellers, we never re-use phone numbers on accounts, so our accounts should remain verified forever. In the case that Nike bans accounts via unverification, the warranty for banned/password-reset accounts will take effect.
  • What can cause Nike to flag/ban/password-reset certain accounts? How will I know if any of my accounts have been banned?
    In order to minimize the risk of your accounts getting flagged/banned/password-reset, you need to minimize the amount of times you run your accounts through automated softwares such as verification checkers or bots. You also should be using proxies every time you run your accounts through these types of softwares. You need to use proxies if you are using your accounts manually as well. Nike is known for banning accounts with any suspicious activity on them, so please keep this is mind when using your accounts. You will know an account has been banned if you are not be able to login to it on the Nike website.
  • Will I receive confirmation emails from orders made using the accounts I purchased?
    Because you do not have access to the random emails we use to make your accounts, you will not receive order confirmations. However, most bots have order trackers, and you can always check your credit card statement for confirmation charges. Also, if you know which account you won a raffle on, you can manually login to it on the Nike website and check the Orders page to track the order. If you do want accounts with email access, we can make accounts using your catch-all domain here.
  • How many accounts should I buy?
    The real answer is that there is no set number. The more accounts you use, the greater your chances are of securing the shoes you want. You will need more accounts for more popular releases as there will be more people entering for a shoe that has lower stock.
  • What are proxies? Do I need to buy proxies? If so, how many? Do you sell proxies? How do I use them?
    Esssentially, a proxy gives your computer a different IP address to make it look like you are in a different location from the one you are actually in. You should use one proxy per account. We have seen that as many as three accounts may be entered per IP address, although we have no evidence on how this may affect success. Not using enough proxies will cause Nike to block your entries since they can detect multiple accounts entering raffles from the same IP address. At the moment, we are not selling proxies. Any provider will work so long as they state that their proxies work for Nike/SNKRS. Your bot should have a place to input your proxies. If you are not using a bot, you can read the How-To Guide or follow this tutorial:
  • Do I need a bot to use your accounts? Which bot is recommended?
    You can manually login to each account and enter draws; however this may be very tedious if you have a lot of accounts, so using a bot will be much more efficient. We do not recommend any specific bots as they will all work with our accounts. If you do not have access to a bot, you can read the How-To Guide or click here to watch a tutorial on the best way to use our accounts manually.
  • Do your accounts have my address/credit card/contact information already stored in them?
    No. This is something that you would have to do yourself or with your bot. Your bot should provide you with instructions on this issue.
  • How many accounts can I make purchases on Nike/SNKRS with the same credit card? Can I use the same shipping address on all my accounts?
    There is no set number of accounts you can use to purchase the same item on a single credit card. If you want more payment methods, you may try to use virtual credit card services like Token or Revolut. You can slightly modify your address by adding "Room 1" or "Room 2A", etc. to the end of each shipping address you are using with your accounts. Do not modify your billing address. While it may be better to use as many credit cards as possible and modify your shipping address, we haven't noticed any difference in terms of success. There is no concrete evidence showing that doing this has any effect on your results.
  • Are you offering any discounts/special pricing?
    Discount codes are announced on Twitter, so follow us there and turn on your notifications. We offer special pricing on account orders of 200 or more. Please see the Special Orders page for more details. Paying with cryptocurrency will save you 10%. We also offer special pricing for group buys. Contact us for more information. If you are interested in getting a discount for your followers, you may contact us as well.
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