This guide will show you how to manually use your Nike+ accounts to increase your chances of winning SNKRS draws. If you prefer to watch a video version of this guide, you can do so by clicking here, though this written guide is more up to date. THIS GUIDE WILL WORK FOR EVERY COUNTRY!

Optional steps are listed as such. These steps will show you how to modify your browser fingerprint for each Chrome user in order to avoid Nike filtration and maximize your chances of success.

*Note: You do not need to enable your proxies while setting up the information inside your Nike accounts (steps 4 - 10).  Proxies only need to be enabled when entering your accounts into releases.

↓Yes! This method still works.↓

1. After you have purchased your Nike+ accounts and proxies, open Google Chrome and create a new user by clicking on the icon that looks like a person at the top right corner of the page. Click on "Manage People".

*Note: You may want to create a whole new user profile on your computer if you want to minimize the number of Chrome profiles on your main computer user.

*Check out our Browser Tool to automate this entire process!

2. Name your user with a number at the end to easily keep track of all your users. You will need to create one user for each Nike+ account you have. So, if you have 25 Nike+ Accounts, then you will need to create 25 different Google Chrome users. 

3. Once you have finished creating all your users, you should be able to right click on the Google Chrome icon and a menu of all your users should appear. 

4. Select one user to install the Proxy SwitchySharp Extension for Google Chrome and configure your proxy in the HTTP Proxy section. Your proxy provider should have given you an IP address and port for all your proxies. Name your profile to the same name as your Google Chrome user to stay organized.

5. Make sure you select the "Use the same proxy server for all protocols checkbox", and save your profile. 

6. Enable your proxy by clicking on the proxy extension and selecting your profile name. The proxy extension should then change color to indicate that it is active. 

7. To check that your proxy is working, search "my ip" in the address bar of Google Chrome.

 8. If you are using USER:PASS proxies, your proxy provider should have given you a username and password to authenticate your proxies. If you are using IP auth. proxies, you should not see this message. 


*Note: You will only need to enter the username and password once as long as you keep the proxy extension turned on. 

9. You should now see the same IP address as the one you entered into the proxy extension for your specific user. If you do not, double check that you have completed step 5. 

10. Repeat this process (starting from step 4) for every Google Chrome user you have created. Use a separate proxy for each user; otherwise, you risk getting your Nike+ accounts banned.



(OPTIONAL) 11. Make your browser fingerprint more unique by changing the user-agent. To do this, download the Random User-Agent Chrome extension. Once downloaded, click on the extension icon, and then click "Open Settings" at the bottom of the menu. 

(OPTIONAL) 12. Duplicate the settings shown here into your extension (select the browser Chrome only for the operating system you have) . Repeat this for every Chrome user (starting from step 11).

*Note: Clicking on the extension will show you your current active user agent (shown in image in previous step). For every Chrome user you have, try to select a different user agent by clicking on "Get new agent". 

(OPTIONAL) 13. Make your browser fingerprint more unique by changing the default Chrome language. To do this, go to chrome://settings/?search=language, click "Language", click "Add Languages", select a random language, and click "Add".



(OPTIONAL) 14. Once you have added your language, click the three vertical dots next to it, and select "Move to the top". Repeat this process (starting from step 13) for each Chrome user.

*Note: In order to take advantage of this particular method, select a different language for each Chrome User.



(OPTIONAL) 15. Make your browser fingerprint more unique by changing the default Chrome fonts. To do this, download the Advanced Font Settings extension. Once downloaded, click on the extension, click "Options", and choose random fonts and sizes for each field. When done, click "Apply settings". Repeat this step for each Chrome user, and pick random font options for each user.

16. Select one of your users, go to, and login to one of your Nike+ accounts.

17. You can double check that your account is verified by checking that there is a phone number listed in the Settings.

*Note: Changing the information in this page is not necessary.

18. Click on "Addresses" in the left menu and enter your shipping address. After, click "Payment Options" and input your payment information. Match your billing address with your shipping address.


It is recommended to slightly modify your shipping address by adding "Room 1" or "Room 2A", etc. to the end of each address you are using with your accounts. You should use your real first and last name and a random email and phone number. 


*See FAQ for more info about multiple payment methods. 

19. Now that you have set everything up, you should give yourself enough time before a release to enable your proxy extension and navigate to the release page for each Google Chrome User.


You will need to go to to enter into the draws. Make sure the region on the top right corner matches the region of the draw you are entering your accounts into. If not, you can click on the country name and change it. 

20. When the draw opens, you will have a certain amount of time to enter your Nike+ accounts. In order to enter an account, all you need to do is select your shoe size and enter you credit card's security code. Once you submit your entry, you can move on to the next Google Chrome user and repeat the process. Your entry results should appear in each Chrome user window once the draw closes. Good luck!


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