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Browser Tool will allow you to launch as many browsers as you want -- each with their own unique proxies and browser fingerprints to bypass bot filtration -- with one click. As a result, ‪Browser Tool will make manual entries into Nike/SNKRS (guide) as well as other sites faster & more efficient, increasing your chances of winning!


Browser Tool can be used with any website. It allows you to create real, unique Google Chrome profiles where you can save things like login, payment, address and other information for future use. It can also automatically assign proxies to each browser instance from your proxy list. So, if you have an early product checkout link for example, you can simply input the link into Browser Tool, launch as many browsers as you have profiles, and you will be sent to a checkout page where you can use auto-fill to quickly complete your checkout.


Besides for Nike/SNKRS, Browser Tool is especially beneficial for Adidas and Shopify websites like Yeezy Supply, Kith, etc. that may place you in a line/queue before allowing you to checkout. Using more instances will allow you to have a better chance of getting past queues; once you do so, you can take advantage of auto-fill to quickly submit your order.


-Purchase includes access to our Discord group for Browser Tool users, which will provide extensive user support. You will be emailed instructions soon after your purchase (orders are manually fulfilled).

-There are no renewal fees with Browser Tool and any updates are free.

-Windows support (will work on Mac through a server; we provide a very simple guide that will allow you to setup a server in minutes for about a penny per hour).

-Proxies are not included, so you must purchase your own. Proxies are not required to run Browser Tool, but are highly recommended.


Click here to watch Browser Tool used for Nike/SNKRS.


*Note: This is not a bot that automatically makes entries for you. This is a tool that optimizes the manual entry process using the methods mentioned above.

Browser Tool

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